Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the split

Hey everyone

This is a pretty sad day for us as we've all decided that it's time for ADVAETA to end. Our tour date in New Orleans made us realize that this current life path is a farse and ended in us ridiculing and questioning our own motives as a musical entity. Have you ever had a broken toy you kept trying to fix over and over but it just wouldn't fix? it's possible if you just accepted it as it was you would have realized the impossibility in perfiction and recognized the beauty and stillness in being chaos but it's too late now; the polly pocket without a head is gone. it became too minuscule to live in the immaculate fold up plastic house.

Now that this is over, Lani will be reforming her short lived band of last year Thrice The Time In Moment's Window Thursday, Sara is finally getting a breast reduction, and Amanda is falling into the quicksand abyss of her obsessions.

it's been real. we love you so so much it's crazy.

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