Thursday, April 11, 2013


We're playing the 1000 Band Names book release tonight at the ho_se (28 Lawton ST).
So here's your schedule for today:
-avoid all responsibilities and instead read Jordan Michael's blog:
-get so enthralled that you almost forget that the show starts at 8 so at 7:30 get the hell on the J or M
-show up, hang out with some of the most entertaining and interesting people in Brooklyn
-listen to live music so incredible it makes you want to get naked, cover yourself in fruity smelling magic marker and climb the Bushwick rooftops shooting off flare guns (but you don't so instead you dance)
-buy book
-read book
-have a laugh and a cry
-go to bed having had the most fulfilling Thursday since you were invented

We'll see you tonight at 8.
Or we'll see you tomorrow at Big Snow, which will be its own unique brand of Friday, equally righteous.